Bash Scripts

A few bash scripts made or found by simonizor.

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Bash Scripts



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A simple script for viewing lyrics in your terminal or in a 'zenity' GUI.

A script to remove screen tearing by forcing full composition pipeline on NVIDIA GPUs. Will work with any monitor setup.

A simple script that gets rid of audio lag when using bluetooth with pulseaudio by switching modes quickly. Set this to a hotkey.

A simple script that adds aliases to make apt easier to use by shortening the arguments, run them as root easily, and append '-y'.

A simple script that uses 'wget' to download files to '/dev/null' to test download speeds. File sizes available for testing are 5MB, 10MB, 100MB, and 200MB. Also included is a file from Twitch, Steam, and Google.

A script that can be used to toggle microphone mute/unmute with pulseaudio.

A simple script that runs 'curl --silent "$LOCATION?O?Q' every 300 seconds; $LOCATION is either entered by the user or $location is used if no input is provided.

A simple script that takes the contents from your clipboard and passes it to the program of your choice.